portrait of Caleb Maupin

About Caleb

Caleb Maupin is a writer, speaker, journalist and political analyst. He is also the ideological leader and founder of the Center for Political Innovation.

Born in rural Ohio and growing up among conservatives, some of his first political activities included walking the picket line with his mother when she went on strike with other librarians in Stark County. He also visited Ecuador amid the episode of malnutrition and displacement spawned by Neoliberal economics in the late 1990s.

In Cleveland, Ohio he was a well-known community activist, video recording acts of police brutality, opposing war, supporting prisoners and teaching classes on Marxism. In 2010 he video recorded police officers assaulting two high school students participating in a walk out, and his video secured their acquittal in juvenile court. Cleveland Scene magazine profiled him as “The Communist Next Door.”

Relocating to New York City in 2011, Caleb participated in the planning meetings and early general assemblies of Occupy Wall Street. He was arrested in Occupy protests, and was critical of the movement’s refusal to stand with Libya which was being bombed at the time. During the time of the protests Caleb became a media spokesperson for former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark’s International Action Center, representing Clark and giving analysis of the Syrian Civil War and the 2014 Euro-maiden Coup in Ukraine on international media.

In 2015 he participated in a humanitarian rescue mission with the Red Crescent Society attempting to bring humanitarian aid to Yemen. The ship sparked an international incident.

He works as a journalist on international television, and his writings have been translated and published in Persian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese. He has been a featured speaker at conferences held in Tehran, Sochi, Quito, Caracas and Moscow.

In 2021, he founded the Center for Political Innovation, which has hundreds of members and engages in educational work about socialism and anti-imperialism across the United States.